Sunday, 22 November 2009

Crazy, Dangerous & Illegal

How Overcome Driver Boredom

Do NOT try this

Like me you probably get bored when you have to drive long distaces especially
late at night or when the roads are really quiet.
I rarely get bored on such journey's, I play games to hone my driving skills.
There are many games you can play.
  • At night time try driving with no lights.
  • This is not as crazy or dangerous as it may sound, on country roads with no overhanging trees to cast shadows and a full moon with no clouds it can be suprisingly easy to see once your eyes become accustomed to the limited light.
I forget the the name of motor racing legend who's wife used to complain that her husband regularly drove his Ferrari late at night without using lights because he claimed it enabled him to see if there was any oncoming traffic thereby enabling him to take corners on the optimum line without having to worry about oncoming traffic.
  • Drive without windscreen wipers
During heavy downpours try to drive so fast the wind keeps your windscreen clear without having to use windscreen wipers.
  • Drive in reverse
Too easy you may think but do it without looking back, using only your night.

  • Drive using mirror verge's
Very tricky this one, drive by using only your wing mirror to see what has gone behind you.

  • Blind Driving
By far my favourite, this one allthough interesting just by itself can be made even more exciting with simple variations and challenges.
To play simply check your speed then close your eyes and start counting backwards from 100.
When you open your eyes you should still be on the road and your speed should be within 10% of when you closed your eyes.
Now, every time you close your eyes try adding 5 to your count. You will find this game getting more and more difficult......but wait it get's so much better.
When you see a corner in the distance close your eyes and don't open them until your in the braking zone for the corner(too early and your a wuss, too late aaa.. nnn..dd.)
To make the game more intresting try to time it so you open your eyes just when you have to brake for the corner.
On roads that you know try taking the corner with your eyes closed.
There is an old Austrilian game whereby you have a case of beer on the passenger seat and you see how many you can drink before crashing. I recommend combining this with blind driving( I prefer a bottle of whiskey/rum/vodka or whatever between your legs as this takes longer to fill the bladder but heightens the your driving skills quicker). The other advantage is that any pain resulting from the inevitable crash is minimised.
I've written off several vehicles in some spectacular crashes whilst playing these games but each time the pain has been nullified by being completely inebriated.
Indeed, there are many occasions when I have'nt even been aware of the crash until regaining conciousness in a police station and for this reason it is reccomended that you get completely intoxicated before attempting these games.
As I do a lot of travelling your comments and your own road games would be greatly appreciated