Saturday, 17 April 2010

Self Promotion

Being the shy and retiring type I don't usually go much for self promotion but as the
man said; "My only real fault is my excessive modesty" so I decided to start working
on that one fault and make an Animoto Video promoting Glynn Sole.
Yes I know it's strange for me to talk about Glynn Sole in the third person but you see part
of the self promotion is to get this page found on the search engines and if Glynn Sole
does'nt get a mention Glynn Sole does'nt get found.
If you like this video, why don't you get on over to Animoto and make your own short video about yourself (or any thing else you want to). It's fast, and easy and most importantly of all
Its Freeeee....
If you don't like this video about Glynn Sole and your not into self promotion make one about anything you want or just put some of your favourite pictures on there, set them to your favourite music and make an exciting slide show to send to your friends.
Here's another on I made, be careful with making these it gets addictive.