Wednesday, 13 October 2010

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Do you find it hard to organise your desktop?
I recently bought a new netbook computer with
the standard Windows XP desktop installed and
I really do not want it to get as badly cluttered and
disorganised as my main computer screen which
has icons covering the whole screen
(see screenshot).
The standard XP software simply puts your icons onto a desktop grid and after a while they start to get cluttered and disorganised. Also there is only a limited amount of space to put all your shortcuts to.

The solution for anybody using Windows XP Desktop Software is to put a 'fence' around all your desktop icons and a free and easy to use bit of desktop software is the Fences software you can download for free at the site. With just a few clicks of this desktop organizer your icons can be organized by category into individual fences for example downloads, software, folders, pictures, videos, etc. and as far as I have been able to tell there is no limit to the amount of shortcut icons you can put into a fence.
Now your individually headed fences can be re-arranged on your desktop simply by dragging the complete fence to another desktop location or drag the individual icons to a different location.
Another feature of this virtual desktop manager is that each fence can be resized just by dragging the edges in the same way as you would any other window and when you mouse over it a scroll bar will appear.
Conclusion: Having this Virtual Desktop Manager to replace your standard Windows desktop themes is a really cool gadget to have enabling you to put as many shortcuts as you want within easy reach and to easily keep them organised.
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