Monday, 20 April 2009

I'm So Excited

Hello Everybody,

Ok so I have'nt finished settingup my page yet but that's why I'm so excited, you see I know how good it's going to be.
Let me tell you what it's going to be about.

  • Mainly it's going to be a bit like one of them reality TV shows, I'm a complete beginer on everything to do with a computer (it's taken me 4hrs to get this far on my blog, just signing in and changing the standard page a bit), anyway the idea is to record my progress as I try to get a home business going with no money (I'm so broke I can't even pay attention).

Now I'm not completely clueless, (only almost)
I've been surfing the web for the last 6 months or so trying to figure out how I can make money without having any to begin with, I've downloaded about 600 books most of them promising to make me rich so I have plenty of reference material.
I've been signed up for and getting daily newsletters from about 30 internet 'Guru's (over 2000 of them unread) all promising me anything from$1,ooo to $180,000 a month for working part-time.
Finally I signed up as an Affiliate marketer that offered 6 income streams with the only obligatory expense being the web site hosting. This affiliation comes complete with a 30 day training course. I signed up about 10 weeks ago, so far I'm on day 11 Ok I did miss some bits out (they needed a bit more money, not much but when I say broke I mean I've had to cut my 30 a day cigarette habit down to 5).
My progress has'nt been slow because I'm lazy it's because of two reasons;
1. I'm very easily sidetracked.
2. I don't even know basic computer stuff so I have to learn everything from scratch.
3. My memory sucks so I have to re-learn everything each time I try to use it.

I figured this blog would force me to become more focused and also be useful to anybody else starting or thinking of staring an on line business you can see my mistakes and my triumphs I'll help you with all my free resources that'll save you search time, and I'm sure you can help me in plenty of different ways (free)

  • My blog is also going to be fun, I'll be throwing in lots of fun things I've been finding in all those hours I've been getting sidetracked.
  • There will be loads of stuff that even experienced marketers will want to download.

Anyway I hope you grow to like my site, I hope we can be useful to each other and I hope I can make it fun for us both.

Commitment: Thats what's needed to succeed, Hopefully not quite as much as the salesman in this clip. Is he the Fastest Salesman in the World?

Thanks for visiting,


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