Monday, 28 June 2010

Article Converter For Photo's

In evaluating an article converter and searching for the best all round performer based on:

Text To Voice Converter,
Web Video Production,
Results Achieved, ( click rates and back-links )
Service and Support,
Ease of Use.

My final choice of which product to use was very easy because the same product excelled in all areas.

My research did however put another exciting and very useful converter into my hands, this one, rather than being an article converter could better be described as a photo converter or alternatively a music converter.

Watch this video to see how it all works......... in 60 Seconds

For the photographer this converter will take your uploaded photographs and convert them into a video slide show synchronised to your favourite music. A variety of transition are automatically used and no two video's are ever the same. If you are not entirely satisfied with the first result you can edit your photo or backgrounds or simply hit the remix button, do it as many times as you want you get a different video every time.

Animoto - For Photography

Musicians, put some visuals to your music and post them as a video onto You Tube or embed them onto your web site to promote your band, gig dates or compositions.

Making a 30 second video is absolutely free and as well as using photos you can include a short video clip. I use this free version to make short, high impact video intro's for my websites.
I also always upload them to You Tube for the extra clicks and back-links.
There is a paid version of this program available which allows you to make longer video's and gives you all sorts of other goody's.

View some of the short video's I have made with Animoto Click Here

To Try This exciting program out for free Click Here

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