Monday, 12 July 2010

Home Beer Making

I first Started Home Beer Making a long time ago, in fact I was still at school when I started making homebrew beer.
There were dozens of different home beer brewing kits available in most of the supermarkets and pharmacy's a the time all of them promising to make the perfect home-brew beer.
My friends and I tried pretty much all of them. Some of the results were disastrous to say the least but as buying homebrew beer making kits was the easiest way for us under-age drinkers to get alcohol. We persevered until eventually the sediment full, murky river-water type brew that we produced (and got sick on) gradually became clearer and less vomit inducing.
Home beer making became more than just a means to get outrageously drunk and gradually became an enjoyable hobby and we learnt that homemade beer did'nt have to taste vile and we began to take pride in the quality of home brew beer.
We even started to buy some equipment; syphoning tubes, bottle labels, bottle tops, hydrometers and various other bits and pieces, even managing to get hold of a couple of kegs so we could have party's with beer on tap rather than having to mess about opening bottles.
We had come of age and people began to know they could come to our party's and have a good few pints of reasonable quality homemade beer without getting sick, it still was'nt as good as commercially brewed beer but it was pretty good, got you drunk, tasted reasonable and best of all it cost next to nothing to produce when compared to what you have to pay at the pub.
If only we had, had the information then that is available now. There are hundreds of books, courses and video's available that enable even the complete beginner to produce excellent Home Brew Beer that not only rivals but surpases many of the beers available commercially and with the current economic climate and high cost of going out to drink in the pubs and clubs there has never been a better time to try your hand at home beer making.

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