Thursday, 24 December 2009

Getting Published


Finally, I Got My First Article Published. View Here

Well, it took a while to make a start on writing articles and submiting them for publication and when I finally did the first three were rejected.
First of all my article was rejected because it was signed off using a bz9 URL. I love using bz9 URL's because they allow me to shorten my URL's but more importantly they put an ad on the top of the page linking to any other website I choose, they also contain buttons to twitter my page and/or share by any other means. It's a great form of viral marketing, Quite why EzineArticles class all bz9 URL's as rogue sites I don't know but it is very annoying.
Another reason my articles were rejected was because they contained references to E-cigarettes,
another baffling reason, anything that allows smokers who can't give up the habit to have a healthier and more socially accepted lifestyle has to be a good thing as far as I am concerned, a view apparently not shared by the good people at EzineArticles, still, I don't care, there is a certain sense of achievement getting your first article published a a feeling of progression as it's another link to my prime site

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