Friday, 15 January 2010

Article Video Robot

Article Marketing On A Whole New Level

This fantastic tool takes article marketing to a whole new level.Article Video Robot took my blog and my website from obscurityto page 1 on both Google and Yahoo.Video marketing with Article Video Robot took just 3 days to put both, Glynn's Blog and EarnaLot onto page one of, google Yahoo and Bing when searching for their title tag.

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If you do any kind of internet marketing at all you know the value of Aricle Marketing, did you also know thatVideo Article Marketing is many times more effective both directly and in the number of backlinks it creates.What may suprise you is that thanks to ArticleVideoRobot video article marketing is now faster, easier andmore fun than Ezine Article Marketing.You Don't need any special skill's,You Don't need much time,You Don't need to be an expert author,Heck you Don't Even Need a camera.
Use It Yourself And Sell It To Others
The short tutorial lasting about 3 minutes show's in a clear easy to understand way how a complete beginerwho is camera shy and with no video making knowledge can, in just a few minutes create a short video with a professional voiceover.Simply download or cut and paste a piece of text. Coincidentally 250 to 800 word's (about the length of an average Ezine article)seems to produce the best results.The Article Video Robot will, if required split the article into paragraphs,each paragraph forms a page or frame in your video and can be edited forHeadline, subheadings and pictures.A voice to text voice is also added and can be changed for each frame.A background image and background music can also be added to your production.Your finished video can be previewed on Article Video Robots own player.It can also be distributed through Twitter, Facebook and other social media.When using the free version of article video robot videos can not be downloaded or distributed among video sharing sites such as You Tube.

Go ahead, give it a try, if you write a regular blog or ezine you're doing it anyway, putting it onto video and distributing it to more than a dozen sites just for an extra 5 minutes work is an absolute no brainer. ... Show Me More..

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