Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Britain's Binge Drinking

Town Centres: Weekend No Go Areas
We've been hearing a lot in the press and TV news for months now about Britain's booze culture.
Every Sunday and Monday brings fresh reports of drunken youngsters both male and female marauding around Britain's town centres, puking, pissing, breaking windows, damaging cars and other property, fighting, and finally falling down in their own vomit and excrement and requiring hospital treatment for alcohol poisoning and other injuries.
The British Governments answer and solution to these problems are so ludicrous and unrealistic
that I can't go into them without feeling physically sick at the incompetence and stupidity England's politicians and police forces.
Just to give you one example so you don't think I'm being melodramatic, recently police were issued with flip flops (like a beach sandal) to carry around with them. This would have been OK if they were to beat drunken idiots around the ears with, but no they were to give to girls in high heels who in their drunken stupors were falling over and injuring themselves thereby causing an excessive burden on hospital emergency rooms.
Much debate has raged recently regarding the cost of alcohol, with the Govt. constantly banging heads with the drinks industry because they (the Govt.) want a minimum charge to be imposed on alcoholic drinks.
Now, although the government has not yet won it's war against supermarkets offering cheap alcohol and special offers it has managed to jump all over the already struggling pub's and club's of Britain by banning happy hours, or pretty much any other promotions that licensed premises traditionally use to try to bolster up their businesses.
The only people who rampage through our town's bringing social disorder are people with money so we can expect to see a zero positive impact on this ridiculous line of persecuting alcohol prices as a means of tackling a social disorder problem.
Amazingly the government has actually had the solution to this problem since the 1800's and yet it continues to argue for and impose ridiculous measures that restrict the freedom of law abiding citizen's and prevent the responsible majority from having an affordable night out.
Oh yes, the solution, it's perfectly simple and the inability of the Government to see it is just another damning indication of their incompetence.
It's called the LAW. Yes that's right for decades England has had law's such as;
The Drunk and Disorderly law's, the Being Drunk in a public place law's, Public Nuisance laws and many other's. In addition it is against the law in England to serve alcohol to anybody who is, or appears to be drunk.
There, simple solution prices and happy hours don't need to be messed with.
Just enforce the existing laws.


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