Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Press Release

Withernsea, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 27, 2009 -- At last a Blog you can trust.
Glynn Sole is a recent addition to the on line community and approaches the task of on line marketing with a refreshing naivety that is likely to be shared by many other beginers trying to find their way on the internet.
In the first issue of Glynn's Blog we read that Glynn intends to make the blog a sort of progress report of the successes and failures Glynn encounters on his optimistic search for internet success. Glynn's Blog also promises to deliver many free reports, training manuals, downloads etc as well of lot's of fun and interesting stuff.
When asked about why he intends to make his blog follow this unusual (for a business blog) format Glynn Explained that he likes the idea of social marketing but he also wants his friends to follow what he is doing even if they have no interest in getting involved in any of the money making opportunity's he will be presenting. He feels he will be able to deliver a sufficiently diverse and entertaining content to make Glynn's Blog attractive to both Entrepreneurs and people looking for some fun content.
Glynn's Blog also carry's a feed directly from the twitter account of Glynn Sole to enable Glynn's Blog followers to see in real time exactly what Glynn is up to without having to log in to their twitter account.
We have taken a look at the first of Glynn's Blog posts called "I'm So Excited" and it certainly looks like it will have no problem to deliver what Glynn Sole promises, the embedded video on this post is undeniably fast moving and very exciting.
Glynn's Blog is definitely one to keep your eye on.
About Glynn's BlogSee the very first Glynn's Blog here
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