Saturday, 24 October 2009

How To Embed Links Onto You Tube Video's

Embed Your Own Link Into Almost Any You Tube Video

The video I used for this demonstration has been viewed over 128,ooo,ooo times.
That's not a typo it really does say over 128Million times. To put that into context,
that is about double the population of the UK. Imagine the viral advertising possibilities with your link embeded into a video this successful.
To see how embeded videos can help with your marketing just click on the title to this article
Sorry that the audio goes out of sinc, I used "Camatsia" for the first time
and did'nt quite get it right, still, the method for doing this is so easy I
don't think you'll have any trouble, if you do let me know and I'll go over it with you.

Sorry Folks
This video has now been moved and
is password protected.
To view it you need to go


  1. I must be an idiot because I cant find the Yola page you are using in the video!

  2. Thank's for the comment, to view that finished page click the link on the video(that's the point of embeding a link)
    If you want to use Yola click the link under "Free Stuff" in the left hand column


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