Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Telemarketers No2

Wanna Have Fun With Telemarketers
I know it kinda looks like I'm
victimising telemarketers but really I'm not, I'm a salesman myself
so I have no agenda with anyone who works in sales, everybody needs to work
and actually I have a certain amount of respect for telemarketers.
Their success or failure is based 90% on their ability to maintain a good attitude.
Imagine how difficult that is, getting the phone slammed down on them, people blowing loud whistles, people shouting abuse, calling them all kinds of names.
All of this on top of the normal rejection every salesman has to endure and having all this
hour after hour, day after day, week after week, no getting in the car to rejuvenate
your attitude as you drive between appointments or wait for the next prospect
to enter your office.
Yes it must surely be the toughest job in sales.
Oh but what fun to wind them up, it's kinda irresisistable.
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