Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Dog Is Back

Vicious Pit Bull
Here he is again, that terrible vicious pit bull.
I made this a while ago but saved it in the wrong
format so I had'nt been able to do anything with it, and I
mean nothing, could'nt post it on You Tube, could'nt E-mail it,
could'nt do anything.
Luckily I found "Camatasia", a free way of making video's by capturing your screen. Voila! half an hour later here is the result,
the original video was made by using another free program
"Live Avatar Creator".
All the problems are entirely my own fault because not only do I not like paying for anything
I almost never read any instructions and just kind of muddle my way through stuff.
Anyway I'm sure you can get much better result's than I have so far. If you feel like giving
it a go, go right ahead both program's are a lot of fun and like most stuff I recommend
They are both......FREEEeeee!
I got "Live Avatar Creator" Here
I can't remember where I got "Camatasia" but you can get it Here.

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