Monday, 19 October 2009

Monday Morning Blues

Banish The Blues
I consider myself very fortunate because I don't get the "Monday Morning Blues",(MMB's)
that's probably due to a number of reasons.
First of all I've always had a job where the day of the week was largely irrelevant, being
in the tourist and service industry's has meant that working Sunday's and holidays has
been the norm. Monday has in fact often been the day to look forward to because that is
the day that I've been able to take it easy.
Secondly, as in most things in life it's all a question of attitude and mind conditioning.
Training yourself to look forward to the challengies of getting back to work (even if it's the challenge of battling monotony) is important in order for many people to eliminate the MMB's.
In fact developing a Positive Mental Attitude is something that will enhance your whole life and make you a happier and more likeable person.
I don't know if I was blessed enough to be born with a positive attitude, probably we all are
but then most people lose it as a result of life's knockbacks, as for myself I have managed to maintain mine because of a conscious effort to do so.
Anyway I'm starting to ramble and I don't have time for it today so let's get to the point,
which is very simple.
If your feeling a little bit of those MMB's watch this video,
If it does'nt bring at least a small smile to the corners of your mouth I'm sorry I misjudged the strength of your MMB's.
You are wonderful and somebody somewhere loves you and want's the best for you.

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